On Top of Frosty Mountain (Manning Park Unfinished Business #3)

October 2016 with Janet S, Daphne, Bengul and Murat, Helen G, Deanna, Azarm. I’ve done the hike to the Larch Meadows six or seven times, but for various reasons never made it past… Continue reading

The Rockwall Trail Part 2: Rockwall Pass and Tumbling Creek

Days three and four. We packed up at Helmet Falls and started up the steep climb to a low shoulder below Limestone Peak. I had taken time at the first day’s lunch stop… Continue reading

The Rockwall Trail Part 3: Floe Lake and Numa Pass

Days five and six. During our Marble Canyon interlude, Ron decided that it would be better for him not to come with us to Floe Lake and Donna stayed to keep him company. So… Continue reading

The Rockwall Trail Part 1: Paint Pots to Helmet Creek and Goodsir Pass

Days one and two. I did this in July 2016 with Daphne, Helen G, Donna, Ron, Bill N, Jen and Rick. Rosemary and Paul were going to come but she injured her knee… Continue reading

Winchester Mountain

August 2016 with Ron, Azarm, Lyn, Carole N, Paul N, and Randall from Guildford. There is an easy way and a hard way to hike Winchester Mountain. The easy way is to drive… Continue reading

Snowshoeing Lightning Lake

April 2016 with Bettina, XinXin and Daphne. I’ve been coming to Manning Park for 25 years but my only winter experience there has been stopping at the lodge on trips to and from… Continue reading

HBC Heritage Trail – Take Two

July 2016 with Azarm, Betty H, Daphne, Ron, Murat. We hiked this trail from the Sowaqua Creek trailhead in 2014. This time we decided to do it the easier way, from Jacobson Lake,… Continue reading

Brazeau – Jonas Pass, Jasper

August 1987 with Murray. Jonas Pass is a lesser-known trail that actually crosses two high and fairly remote passes in the southeast part of Jasper National Park. It’s part of what’s now known… Continue reading

Keystone-Standard Basin

August 2009 with Kitty. Keystone-Standard Basin is an open alpine area in the Selkirk Mountains, about 50 kilometres north of Revelstoke. This was a recce hike for the Nature Vancouver camp committee. We’re continually looking… Continue reading

Yellow Aster Butte

August 2013 with Darryl, Trudy, Eva, Peter C, and Philippe While I was off work in 2013 I was able to do a few midweek hikes. It’s nice to be on relatively lightly travelled… Continue reading