Well here it is, my hiking blog. As time goes by, I’ll be posting current hikes as they happen, as well as old hikes (recent and not so recent) when I have time and inclination.


I have lived in Vancouver, BC, for all but two years since the end of 1990, but my mountain life began in May of 1980 in Jasper, Alberta, when I first came from Toronto to spend a summer. 


My first mountain hike was a few hours walking up Old Fort Point, a miniature mountain just outside of town across the Athabasca River.


The second week I was there I joined with new friends and hiked over Old Fort Point and through the Valley of the Five Lakes, which is a lovely valley bottom hike that can be done most of the year but is best in the spring.

810521-10 The third week I found myself walking up Signal Mountain (easy) and trying to climb Mount Tekarra (not so easy). Not long before that, I was listening to people talking of their experiences and my reaction was “you can CLIMB these mountains???!!!”.  A lot of things changed with the discovery that I could. The roughest hiking I’d ever done before was parts of the Bruce Trail, and I was in over my head here. The people who were leading had been there one more year before me and likely were too, and we had a couple of scary moments that day. But while we didn’t make it to the top, we came out of it happy and safe, and I was hooked.



The high point of that summer was my first (and only) scramble to the top of Pyramid Mountain.



My first ever backpacking trip took place at The Watchtower Basin (no photos from that trip unfortunately). That year’s other highlights, which became favourites over the years, included The Whistlers



Cavell Meadows

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and Opal Hills 

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Over that decade I explored many trails in Jasper, Banff, and other parks in the Rockies. In late 1990 I moved to Vancouver and began discovering the Coast Mountains and the Cascades, and eventually the mountains in between and elsewhere in BC.


I finally made it to the top of Mount Tekarra in 1991, the year after I moved away from Jasper.


Video: “Mountain Cathedrals” by Bob Bennett

(Warning: religion content)