Hannegan Peak

2012-09-15 14.33.02

September 2012 with Anne, Sabina, Ming, Diane F, Carole N, Bill N, Ian C, Bengul & Murat.

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This is not one of the better-known hikes in the area but the views from Hannegan Peak were among the best I’ve seen anywhere in the Mount Baker area. East into the North Cascades National Park complex and north into the Chilliwack River headwaters.

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It’s a fairly long but gradual hike up the Ruth Creek valley to Hannegan Pass, and it seemed twice as long hiking back down. While you start at a relatively low elevation, the trail runs along steep south-facing slopes. This means a lot of open avalanche slopes and thus great views and flowers; it also means less snow so you can hike this earlier in the summer than a lot of other trails in the area.

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 Just below the pass is a lovely campground with views of Ruth Mountain. We had a half-lunch there and then headed up the trail to the actual peak, which was considerably steeper than where we’d been but still manageable.

2012-09-15 15.38.24 2012-09-15 15.18.16

There’s no particular order to any of these photos in this story. And somehow my camera got left at home this trip, so all I had that day to take photos was my old Acer phone.

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The climb from the trailhead to the campground is about 550 metres in about 6 kilometres. You then climb nearly another 400 metres in about a kilometre and a half to the 1887 metre summit.

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