Mount Seymour in the clouds

November 2014 with Paul V, Bettina, Daphne, Nancy

It wasn’t much of a day for views but we decided to try for it anyway. Dog Mountain or Mystery Lake were other possibilities but those wouldn’t have been any drier and likely muddier. Five of us piled into Paul’s van and headed up there. We were well into the clouds on the drive up but no rain. Yet. There was no other traffic on the road and not more than half a dozen vehicles in the parking lot, one of which was a North Shore Search and Rescue truck. No sign of activity there or in the SAR office and a tacit hope that we wouldn’t be needing them.

An uneventful hike along the Mount Seymour trail with a stop at the socked in Brockton Point summit. There was no real reason to linger there, visibility being maybe ten metres, and in very little time we were at the low pass below the steep part of the trail to the peaks.

The trail is in reasonably good condition apart from some rooty and rocky bits, better than I remember it being the last time I was there about a decade ago. We stopped at the gap between the First and Second Pump Peaks and had a snack, while the snow flurries started to move in. This is when we made the final decision that we could make the First but the Second wouldn’t happen that day, let alone the Third and highest (Mount Seymour can be said to be an upside down mountain, as least as far as naming is concerned).

The rest of the way up the trail disappears and we were pretty well clambering up the rocks. That was fine until the flurries turned into drizzle. We made it to the 1455 metre summit, past the pair of ravens who were hunkered down watching us all the way up the rocks, paid our respects to the summit gods, and started back down in minutes.

Nancy remarked how easy it is to get up there on snowshoes. We’re going to get her to lead a winter trip up Seymour.

Daphne observed how this was the third hike in a row I’d led that had rain or snow. Well it was a good run this summer up to Labour Day. Apart from the last day at camp. And the beginning of the season when we nearly got blown away at West Beach on the Deception Pass hike in April.

We didn’t have much reason to tarry on the hike back except for a couple of us hardcore photographers. And lunch was eaten in the van.