Egypt Lake, Banff


I don’t recall a lot of details about this hike, but I’m simply awed by looking at these photos from 25 years ago.


I think this was just after Kevin and Heather’s wedding, and Jane the Kiwi was back in Canada and was there for it. Following the wedding she rode with me to Banff, and I headed out on this hike after I dropped her off.


The trail starts from the road that leads to Sunshine Village ski resort, but thankfully avoids the ski hill.


It climbs through Healy Pass and a high plateau of alpine lakes and meadows. I was a couple of weeks early for the larches turning colour.



The Monarch Ramparts


Egypt Lake is just one of a collection of brilliant alpine tarns. But it’s the one that has a hut you can stay in or camp at.


I remember following a sort-of trail across the provincial boundary into Kootenay Park and making my way to Talc Lake (aka Natalco Lake), where supposedly there was once upon a time a talc mine. There wasn’t anything obvious near the lake but maybe somewhere higher up.



I also hiked higher up to Scarab Lake, and then over Whistling Pass to views of Haiduk Lake. I think the name Whistling Pass refers to marmots, but I just remember the wind whistling there. And I always thought Haiduk sounded vaguely Egyptian, but it turns out it’s named for a place in Hungary.


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