Helm Lake and Panorama Ridge

Backpack to Helm Creek, Helm Meadows, Helm Lake and Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park – September 2012 with Anne, Bill N, Ming, Laura S, Carol N, Daphne, Jen and Rick, Bengul and Murat. On a… Continue reading

Pyramid Mountain, Jasper

August 1980 with Ravishing Ruth, Lumpy Larry, Furry Murray and one or two others I forget. Pyramid Mountain dominates the scene just north of Jasper and is imposing from the south, but from… Continue reading

Heliotrope Ridge

August 2015 with Rosemary & Paul C, Donna, Ron, Bill N, Bengul & Murat, Nellie, Sabina, Mandy. Our initial plan for this day was to hike to Skyline Divide. However, when we inquired… Continue reading

Snow Camp Mountain (Manning Park unfinished business #2)

Skyline II to Snow Camp Mountain via Despair Pass (Manning Provincial Park) in July 2015 with Bengul, Daphne, Mandy, and Ron. The spring and summer of 2015 was mostly hot and dry, with record low rainfall… Continue reading

Return to the Stein

May 2016 with Elena, Bill N, Janet S, Ron, Daphne, Jen and Rick. Donna was going to come with us but went and sprained her ankle walking at lunchtime the day before. This was… Continue reading

Egypt Lake, Banff

I don’t recall a lot of details about this hike, but I’m simply awed by looking at these photos from 25 years ago. I think this was just after Kevin and Heather’s wedding, and Jane… Continue reading

Whistler Skywalk to Iceberg Lake

  September 2015 with Ron, Jen, Rick, Daphne, Anita, Xinxin, Rosemary & Paul C. This was an exploratory hike for Nature Vancouver; maybe next year or following it will be a perfect long weekend backpacking… Continue reading

East Tricouni Meadows

– August 2015 with Sabina, Inge, Xinxin, Ian C, Katy, Jeremy G, Bill S, Sandy & Frank D. This was kind of a makeup hike; I planned to lead it last year but had… Continue reading

Mount Tekarra trilogy

Three attempts: June 1980 with Paul K, Gary S and Joan C; July 1981 with Otto and Mike G; August 1991 with Kevin H. As mentioned elsewhere, I first went to Jasper in… Continue reading

Mahoney Lake to White Lake

This is a half day hike I did in the hills above Okanagan Falls in May 2013. The White Lake basin has long been one of my favourite birding areas, and several years… Continue reading