Ptarmigan Ridge, Mount Baker

– September 2014 with Linda W, Daphne, Nancy, Olivia. Ptarmigan Ridge is one of the most spectacular hikes, especially for the effort involved, in the Mount Baker area. However, many years the route is frequently… Continue reading

HBC (1849) Heritage Trail from Sowaqua Creek

September 2014 with Anne, Murat, Nellie, Daphne, Bev & Bill R. This is the one that isn’t the Tikwalus, First Brigade or 1848 trail, which is the one in the Fraser Canyon. This trail was… Continue reading

Goat Mountain, Mount Baker

August 2014 with Daphne, Nancy, Bettina, Jane S, Bill N, Ron, Ellen E, Caroline H. I’d never done this hike before but after hearing other reports it sounded like a good option for an… Continue reading

Mount Hood part 2: Paradise Park Loop

A couple of days after doing the Mountaineer trail, I returned to take on a section of the Timberline Trail which encircles Mount Hood. Part of the Pacific Crest Trail also follows this… Continue reading

Mount Hood part 1: Mountaineer Trail

My wife Cheryl booked a hotel room in Portland for a conference in July 2014, and I decided to take the opportunity to drive down and stay with her and explore around Mount… Continue reading

Third (Unfinished Business) Brother, Manning Park

July 2014 with Daryl, Daphne, Kitty, Judith, Elena, Len B, Fred H, Louise B, Judy R, Anne, Helen G Having hiked to the First and Second Brothers (above) in 2013, some of us arrived… Continue reading

Fat Dog Ridge

June 2014 with Bev & Bill R and Janet & Bryan K. On this Bird Blitz weekend I got to hike two trails I’d never done before in Manning. We hiked this on the Sunday,… Continue reading

Goose Rock, Deception Pass State Park

                March 2014 with Nancy, Louise I, Helen A, Steffany, Margaret B. I’m told that Deception Pass, on Whidbey Island, used to be a regular destination… Continue reading

Joffre Lakes

October 2013 with Nellie, Daphne, Elena, Bengul, Carole N, Ron, Naomi, Nancy, Bev & Bill R. My original plan was for a backpacking/camping trip over Thanksgiving weekend, but following a stretch of cold and wet weather… Continue reading

Cerise Creek

September 2013 with Bettina, Bill N, Nellie, Daphne, Carole N, Ron. Cerise Creek is the next valley over from Joffre Lakes but much less travelled, being used more by climbers and backcountry skiers… Continue reading