Heather Trail, Manning Park

June-July 2013 with Anne, Bill N, Nancy, Daphne, Nellie, Bettina, Elena, Rick and Jen. When the Canada Day holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday it gives us a long weekend of hiking.… Continue reading

Mount Roderick Dhu, Greenwood

On this Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, Daphne was leading a group of Nature Vancouver people on a long weekend car camping trip in Manning Park and bagging Mount Frosty. I instead spent the weekend… Continue reading

Hannegan Peak

September 2012 with Anne, Sabina, Ming, Diane F, Carole N, Bill N, Ian C, Bengul & Murat.   This is not one of the better-known hikes in the area but the views from Hannegan… Continue reading

Rainbow Range, Tweedsmuir Park

July-August 2012 with Bill N, Nellie, Jen, Kate, Pat, Pierce and Paula (The Three Ps), Rich, and Margaret M, Debbie H and Sharell from Vernon and Eagle Lake. Rick was going to come… Continue reading

Valley of the Five Lakes

June 2012. The Valley of the Five Lakes is the first hike done by many people when they come to Jasper. It’s low elevation in montane forest, and is free of snow before… Continue reading

Stein Valley 2012

with Nellie, Daphne, Bill N, Joyce, Ming, Bengul & Murat. A Victoria Day weekend hike to the rainshadow of the Coast Mountains. The struggles in the 1980s and 90s to protect the Stein from logging… Continue reading

Marriott Basin

October 2011 with Jen, Kate, Bill N, Daphne, Nellie, Ming, Bev & Bill R,  Pat & Pierce. We decided that Pierce would also be called Bill to avoid confusion. A Marriott weekend that didn’t involve staying… Continue reading

Edith Cavell Meadows, Jasper

Our trip to Jasper in July 2011 was the first in over a decade, and the last time I did this hike was nearly fifteen years before. It had been way too long.   The… Continue reading

Carthew Summit, Waterton Lakes

July 2011 with Corry, Elena, Lesley, and Sylvia. This was our last hiking day of week one of the Nature Vancouver summer camp at Waterton Lakes. For most of the week alpine areas… Continue reading

Mount Cheam

August 2007 with John C, Leo, Noni, Margaret O & Chris H The 2112 metre Mount Cheam is the dominant peak in the Fraser Valley, especially notable as seen from this stretch of the… Continue reading